Performance Meets Design In The New McLaren 720S

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The McLaren 720S was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2017, and we were there to get all the information you need about this incredible new car.

Key Facts:

  • Prices from around £207,900
  • 4-litre engine twin-turbocharged V8 
  • 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds
  • 0-124mph in 7.6 seconds
  • 710bhp (720PS) at 7000rpm
  • 770NM of torque at 5500rpm
  • 212mph top speed, not because of the engine but because of the tyres (Pirelli doesn’t want to risk going faster!)


McLaren 720S

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McLaren Design

The 720S is the first in the new Super Series and replaces the outgoing 650S. It is built on a modified carbon chassis, called the Monocage 2, making it stiffer and lighter than the 650S. In fact it only weighs 1,283kg, and being inspired by the great white shark, it cuts a stunning figure.

The twin-hinged dihedral doors now open closer to the car, making it easier to get out when you’re in a busy car park.

There are no side intakes; it’s all structured so the air travels over and through the car, pushing the whole vehicle down as well as funnelling air to the engine at the rear. Additional cooling comes from the bonnet vents – which at first seem counter-intuitive since there’s nothing under the bonnet beyond the passenger’s shopping. But those vents help send even more cool air to the rear and creates downforce on the front of the car.


The biggest new feature for McLaren with the 720S are the new headlight sockets which double as air ducts. These create further downforce, forcing more air into the engine. They also make the front of the 720S look absolutely spectacular, especially when the ultra-compact LED lights are on.

Further differences to previous McLaren models include the A-pillars which are a lot slimmer to give the driver an great sense of light and space in the cabin.

Rear Spoiler

The back of the car is given a very wide stance; the 650S featured low exhausts which are now lifted up for the 720S. Looking into the engine bay, you can see a red light that solely exists to create a sense of drama – though it switches off when you’re driving.

The hydraulically activated spoiler is now the whole length of the car and has more movement than the 650S. The McLaren 720S rear wing has a DRS drag reduction setting that will give you optimal straight-line performance, an Aero setting for downforce in corners. When you need to come to a halt, the rear wing applies a Brake setting, turning the wing to 56 degrees from horizontal, to dramatically increase drag under heavy braking. The rear window opens to reveal the most spacious storage in the supercar world.

It’s a car drenched in detail, power and excitement right down to the exhausts. These have indentations for the sole purpose of creating more noise and thus a more exciting driving experience.


McLaren has launched an immersive digital configurator which lets you take a virtual tour of the car. You can even design your very own bespoke McLaren 720S online.


It’s worth checking out the promotional video for the McLaren 720S, which expertly intertwines these famous words for Senna:

“You think you have a limit. And so you touch this limit, something happens, and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high.”

With 15 cars planned in the Super Series, the coming years are going to be very exciting for McLaren. What do you think of the 720S? Let us know in the comments below!