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How Land Rover Appeal To Everyone With The New Velar

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Fans of the Land Rover brand will be pleased to discover that a new incarnation is on its way. This model aims to satisfy the need for something large enough to handle various terrain yet sleek enough to suit the cityscape. Having first premiered at the New York International Auto Show on March 1st, the new Land Rover Velar has been promised as the ideal vehicle to fill the gap between the compact Range Rover Evoque and the significantly larger Range Rover Sport. 

Why the Velar is necessary

However, just because it fills the ‘white space‘ between its predecessors doesn’t mean it’s simply a blend of the two. In fact, the Velar is a significant move away from the square-backed and wedge-roofed designs that have become so ingrained in the brand’s design approach since the 2008 LRX model. Instead, this is a sleek-looking SUV, with a sharply sloping roof-line. It showcases a seamless flow from the prominent grille at the front to the LED taillights at the rear.

Image of the Velar rear

As well as this, the model falls just a few inches smaller than the Sport, measuring 4803mm in length. Straddling the sizes between the Evoque and the Sport means the Velar is also priced between the two, though any upgrades swiftly begin to diminish this gap in pricing. But with luxuries such as massage seats in the Velar HSE, cost may be the last thing on your mind. 

The Velar experience

Great attention has been paid to the Velar model, both inside and out. Two ten-inch touch screens in the front of the car will provide part of the infotainment system proving that the Velar, as Land Rover Chief Design Officer, Gerry McGovern says, ‘brings a new dimension of glamour, modernity and elegance to the brand.’ The five-seat model will also feature an eco-friendly upholstery in place of more traditional leather, and to reflect this environmentally concerned approach a plug-in hybrid version of the Velar is expected to be offered in due course.

Image of the Velar interior

However, for now, the Velar seems to be offering quite enough. It comes with six powertrain options, which include two four-cylinder diesel variants with 178 horsepower and 237 HP. It also has a four-cylinder regular gas engine with 247 HP, a V6 diesel and a supercharged V6 with 375 HP. In addition to this, a more powerful 4-cylinder is expected later this year. If this all didn’t sound good enough, the new model also boasts an all-wheel-drive system, four corner air suspension on some power-train options, and a towing capacity of 5,500 pounds. And breathe.

Witnessing the Velar

Though this newest Land Rover made an appearance in New York, it officially launched at the Geneva Motor Show. And we were fortunate enough to witness it. Our first-hand experience of the Velar in all its glory was a great one, allowing us the opportunity to view this piece of art and reflect on the changes in design made by Land Rover.

Image of the Land Rover Velar

And we’re not alone in believing it’s worthy of being called art. The model has also been part of a special event in the London Design Museum. It will remain on display as part of the ‘Reductionism’ exhibition. This display aims to showcase the philosophy of stripping away any complexity to reveal the true quality that lies beneath. In our opinion it doesn’t look like Land Rover are stripping anything away with the Velar, making it a high-tech and highly capable motor.

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