9 of the Biggest Car Crashes In Films

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Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be an exciting action-thriller if at least one car wasn’t destroyed in an explosive scene. That being said, it seems like Hollywood’s motto is ‘the more, the merrier’ when it comes to car casualties, with every car chase resulting in many demolished vehicles. To celebrate these scenes and the many cars that were sacrificed, we take a look at the biggest car crashes in films.

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9. Ronin

Car Throttle has compiled a list of films with the highest number of destroyed cars, and starting it off is 1998 thriller Ronin, which resulted in around 80 cars being destroyed. While this may seem like a big number, it’s just the tip of the iceberg compared to the rest of this list. Apparently, on the set former Formula One driver Jean-Pierre Jarier and 300 stunt drivers were called in to make this scene possible.

8. Bullit

Second on the list is 1968 thriller Bullitt, which has one of the most notable car chase scenes around. Over 80 cars were destroyed in this scene. With actor Steve McQueen often behind the wheel himself, the starring Mustang went over 100mph. According to Express, car insurance specialist 1st Central calculated what the claim would be if this crash actually occurred, resulting in a huge £3,000,000.

7. Gone in 60 Seconds

In this fairly lengthy 40 minute car chase, the original 1974 Gone in 60 Seconds resulted in the painful end of 93 cars. Henry Blight Halicki directed and starred in this film, leading the 1973 Mustang ‘Eleanor’ through the car chase. Apparently Halicki ended up in hospital after crashing into a lamp post.

6. The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers 1980 film once held the record for most cars destroyed with 103 being demolished. However, the Blues Brothers 2000 came about and beat it by just the one. With 104 destroyed cars, the Blues Brothers 2000 also wins as the most expensive scene. Express again reported the estimated cost of this claim. The amount? Only £5,000,000.

5. G.I Joe: The Rise of The Cobra

Narrowly beating Blues Brothers 2000 is, surprisingly, 2009’s G.I Joe, which just seems to blow up anything on the road. 112 cars, to be exact, were destroyed. See the destruction below.

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4. A Good Day to Die Hard

Of course John McClane’s antics feature in a list of car crashes in films. As the fifth Die Hard film to grace our screens, A Good Day to Die Hard resulted in 132 undriveable cars. Not only this, but a further 518 cars were badly damaged, with an overall bill of a painful £7.2 million.

3. Fast and Furious 5

In third place is of course a Fast and Furious film, with 260 cars destroyed in this blockbuster. According to Car Throttle, since the first Fast and Furious over 1000 cars have been ruined in total, with most of them being annihilated in this fifth instalment.

2. Matrix Reloaded

As the second instalment of the Matrix trilogy, it’s no surprise that the Matrix reloaded is second highest for number of car crashes in films. In this scene, directors Lana and Lilly Wachowski managed to write off a huge 300 cars in a typical adrenaline fuelled car chase.

1. Transformers 3

Last but not least, with the highest number of destroyed cars is none other than Transformers 3. This film resulted in a whopping number of 523 cars destroyed for the following scene. However, fear not, because they were apparently already flood damaged and were to be scrapped regardless.

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