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Mercedes-Benz Flexible Agility Finance 

With Mercedes-Benz Agility, a flexible deposit and term allows you to budget precisely. Mercedes-Benz Agility defers your decision whether to purchase or return your vehicle until the end of the agreement. Mercedes-Benz guarantees the future value of your vehicle which also lowers your monthly payments.

At the start of the agreement.

Your Business Manager will set a guaranteed future value for the vehicle based on your anticipated mileage which is equal to the Optional Purchase Payment. You decide on the deposit, how long you want to keep the car and the monthly payments that suit you best. You can then relax as you don't have to make a decision whether to own or return the vehicle until a few months before the end of the agreement. This means that you know where you stand financially. Towards the end of the agreement you can decide what to do next, you have 3 choices: purchase, part exchange or return the vehicle.

At the end of your agreement
  • Purchase the Mercedes-Benz. Simply pay the Optional Purchase Payment which is equal to the guaranteed future value. The vehicle is now yours.
  • Hand back the Mercedes-Benz leaving you free to take out another agreement or purchase another car. You have no more obligations other than any agreed excess mileage or wear and tear charges.
  • Purchase and part-exchange your Mercedes-Benz for a brand new one. You can use any equity in your current vehicle to put towards a new car.
We guarantee the future value of your vehicle, keeping payments low.
You decide later whether to purchase or return it. What is it?

A flexible method of financing a vehicle because towards the end of the agreement you can choose the option that best suits your needs at that time, remembering that Mercedes-Benz guarantee the future value.

Benefits for all
  • By including an Optional Purchase Payment, which equals the guaranteed future value of your vehicle, we can reduce your monthly payments
  • The future value risk is underwritten by Mercedes-Benz
  • Defer your ownership decision until the end of the agreement
  • Flexible deposit and repayment period
  • 1 month payment holiday at the start of the agreement*
  • Should you decide to purchase the vehicle, I month payment holiday at the end of the agreement*

*This benefit is not available with special national offers and some local promotions

Benefits for businesses
  • The vehicle is an asset on the balance sheet
  • An additional line of credit.
Suited to
  • Anyone wishing to drive a higher specification for a lower monthly payment
  • Business users who have been given a budget

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