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Free MOT terms and conditions: Bentley Bristol

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  1. * Free MOT for life is for the car registered with us and non-transferrable.
  2. ** 20% off service and labour for your next Bentley Service conducted at Bentley Bristol by 31st December 2017 not available in conjunction with any other servicing offer.

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Tradtional Repair and Restoration from Bentley Restorations.

Bentley Cardiff are one of few companies able to complete an entire Bentley or Rolls-Royce repair and restoration on the premises. From mechanical work, machining and engineering, to coachwork and interior trim we can do it all in our extensive workshop facilities ensuring your classic automobile gets the service it requires. Our highly specialised and skilled technicians renovate Bentley and Rolls-Royce models to their former condition with expert attention to details. Bentley Cardiff preserve the originality and character of the car, whilst providing a high quality, bespoke finished completely restored vehicle. We manage  every aspect of the process from initial dismantling and cataloguing, through to all the associated skills and trades. Finally your Bentley or Rolls-Royce is reassembled and hand-finished in readiness for delivery. The intricacies of each project are so varied, the type and scope of work required so wide ranging, that it isimpossible to define a ‘typical’ restoration but be assured at Bentley Bristol or Bentley Cardiff we will plan and complete the work using our expertise and keep you up to date every step of the way. As far as possible we use genuine parts from Crewe, and where these are no longer available, we use high quality pattern parts from some of the excellent sources now available to us. There are few marques currently better served for spare parts, and we have thorough access to these bespoke items to facilitate an authentic restoration. Our engineers and craftsmen can restore your automobile to as-new condition. These skills include engine building, mechanical and electrical refurbishment and all aspects of bodywork including painting, trimming and woodwork.

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